The newly crowned king of the U.S. box office Ben Affleck has hit the road with his extremely well received film The Town, jetting to London and then Dublin to promote the project that he not only stars in, but directed and co-wrote as well. 

Given that the film hauled more than $23.8 million at the box office last weekend, it’s no surprise that Affleck was in a jovial mood when he hit the red carpet in Dublin on Monday night.  He spent the day doing TV and print interviews, and the evening at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival showing off his work.

The star told the Irish Independent that – you guessed it! – he’s got some Irish blood, but he was reluctant to start wearin’ the green like so many other stars do.

"I am part Irish, but I'm a bit insecure saying that because I know the Irish make fun of the all Americans who claim to be Irish," Affleck said.
"I know Ireland has had a crash like we have had in the states. In fact my next movie The Company Man is going be about people dealing with the economic recession.”

Affleck’s people apparently hail from the west of Ireland, and he says that he’d love to return to the auld sod to work on a film project.
Affleck plays a Boston bank robber in The Town, and he’s familiar with the type given that he was born and bred in Beantown.

"Some Irish Americans are wonderful, but some of them are gangsters. It's definitely part of the culture in a lot of these neighborhoods, in that you have rough and tumble folks.  The Town is about people trying to change, and remove themselves from that world," he said.

Affleck is thrilled that his film has been so well received by the U.S. movie goers. Many of his past offerings have landed with a thud, so success is particularly sweet this time around.

"If it hadn't turned out well, I'd be lying to you and telling you this kind of thing didn't matter but it feels really nice. I've been around long enough and seen the highs and lows to really enjoy this,” he told reporters.

Affleck was accompanied by his film’s co-star Rebecca Hall. After the party they had a meal at Shanahans on the Green, and then adjourned to the nearby Merrion Hotel.

Not making the promo trip to Dublin? Jon Hamm, the Mad Men hunk who undoubtedly broke plenty of female Irish hearts with his no-show.