Parachute jumper Colin Curran was the second to parachute into Croke Park for the Croke Park Classic, with a Penn State Flag attached to his leg, and a GoPro camera attached to his helmet.

50,000 fans of American college football teams University of Central Florida and Penn State were there to see 31-year-old Curran glide down into the stadium.

Curran has been parachute-jumping for eight years – he jumps with the Irish Parachute Club in Co. Offaly, and has jumped into the US ambassador’s residence for a past event.

He told the Journal that he was nervous before getting into the aircraft, and that there were many variables to keep in mind, like avoiding a steel cable behind the goal post – “but once you put your foot on the step and you look down, you are committed 100%.”

The other parachute jumper who was holding the UCF flag wasn’t as lucky when it came to landing, having drifted away from the field onto a nearby railway line.

“I saw him out of the corner of my eye,” Curran said, “It’s not something he would normally do – it was a freak thing.”

Curran described the “awesome” feeling of hearing the crowd cheering him down into Croke Park.

Watch the incredible footage of Dublin from above: