MTV's hit show “Teen Wolf” dropped a couple of big reveals on its Monday night episode "The Girl Who Knew Too Much."

The series, now in its third season, has been following a handful of plotlines, establishing backstories for some of its lead characters, and plaguing viewers with the identity of the villain of the season - a Celtic druid gone rogue called the Darach. 

Monday night revealed the mysterious identity of the Darach to be new high school teacher Ms. Jennifer Blake, played by Haley Webb. 

More interesting, though, is the reveal that Lydia Martin, played by Holland Roden and a major character since season one, is actually a banshee

This reveal expands on the Celtic mythology that seems to be the theme of the season. The mythical creature known as the Banshee comes from the Irish legend of the Ban Sí. 

The banshee's legend states that she was a fairy woman who would release a howling, inhuman wail if someone were about to die, and more specifically, someone in a particular family that the banshee was attached to.   

This reveal, though surprising at first, may make sense to some viewers, as Roden's character has developed a penchant for finding bodies and screaming bloody murder when she happens across them. 

With all of the supernatural events going on in the show, adding another mythical creature seems like standard procedure at this point. 

Here’s the trailer for season three: