Glee’s Dot-Marie Jones (Coach Beiste) will arrive on The Glee Project this week, where she aims to get some emotions out of the contestants. She also let slip who she believes should win the show, our very own Celtic Thunder singer, Damian McGinty.

She said “I had a great idea, I think I mentioned it to Ryan [Murphy, the show's creator], but if not maybe we can make this happen. The boy from Ireland on the show, Damian, I think it would be great if Beiste takes in a foreign exchange student since she doesn't have a family of her own."



Celtic Thunder’s Damian McGinty to appear on ‘The Glee Project’

Damian McGinty’s chances on “The Glee Project” looking good

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Speaking to the Huffington Post she said “I was supposed to just be there earlier in the episode, but I wanted to be there when they filmed the music video too, so I went. All I can tell you is these kids dug deep. Some were really nervous and for some this was the first time they were talking about these insecurities ever. I was crying. I wish we had something like this show when I was a kid."

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This week’s music video is “Mad World.” To check out the preview, look below:

Celtic Thunder’s Damian McGinty stars on ‘The Glee Project’Damian McGinty