One reviewer has likened new horror flick Don't Leave Home to "Rosemary's Baby with Catholic guilt in the Irish countryside"!

Don't Leave Home is an indie horror film written and directed by Michael Tully, due to be released later this year.

The spine-chilling movie is based in the 1980s, and centers around an artist who has unveiled her latest sculptural exhibit on Irish urban legends.

The American artist, Melanie Thomas, is contacted by a mysterious Irish priest named Father Alistair Burke who claims he once painted the portrait of an eight-year-old girl who disappeared from both real life and from the canvas on the same day.

Don't Leave Home, which stars Anna Margaret Hollyman, Helena Bereen, and Lalor Roddy, premiered at SXSW earlier this year to rave reviews.

According to horror movie website, bloody-disgusting, the feature will be released in theaters and on VOD platforms in September via Cranked Up Films.

Here's what reviews have said so far:

"Don't Leave Home works double-time to ensure a shiver still creeps up your spine." - Rotten Tomatoes

"...The atmospheric mood and persuasive performances keep you watching. It's definitely on the more subdued end of the Irish horror spectrum, but that shouldn't keep it from finding an audience on streaming platforms."

- The Hollywood Reporter

"With “Don’t Leave Home,” [the director] fuses many of those storytelling instincts into a fascinating whole, with a slow-burn thriller set in the Irish countryside. With a premise that suggests “Rosemary’s Baby” through the specter of Catholic guilt, and a kooky gothic setting right out of “The Addams Family,” this bizarre atmospheric horror effort hails from familiar storytelling traditions while remaining unpredictable throughout."

- IndieWire