In a decision that has some critics scoffing, it was revealed this week that Fox News Channel has decided to give a morning news slot to the billionaire who has suddenly become America's most famous birther.

On Thursday, the conservative news channel announced that Tea Party favorite Donald Trump has been granted what they called a recurring branded segment on the network.

The pundit-filled network that hosts a stable of household name conservative commentators like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck revealed it plans to launch a Monday Mornings with Trump segment on its morning show, Fox & Friends.

"Bold, brash and never bashful, The Donald now makes his voice loud and clear every Monday on Fox," the network blurb put it.

But critics say that although Trump is only making a recurring guest appearance rather that becoming a Fox News contributor, it is nonetheless surprising to see a potential presidential candidate given a national platform by a network so close to an election.