When Donald Trump set his eyes on Dubliner Rozanna Purcell at the 2010 Miss Universe final in Las Vegas, he guessed she was destined for great things.

The stunning Irish beauty was the winner of Miss Ireland, and went onto finish seventh at Miss Universe, which immediately propelled her into the public spotlight and raised her profile as an aspiring model. After a brief stint in the U.S. the 21-year-old has now high-tailed it back to her home city of Dublin, to garner more experience before she crosses the Atlantic once more.

“The reason I am here is because before I go back to America, I need to build up a much bigger and better portfolio. I was in South Africa from November to March, building up my book, doing magazines like GQ,” she told the Irish Daily Mail.

The ambitious model is eager to break it in the New York modelling scene, but she realizes it is not about to happen overnight.

“New York is incredibly competitive,”  Purcell told the Daily Mail

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“I was competing against girls who had already done their month in China, Paris, Milan, South Africa, whatever. I still have to do all that. And while I am here, I still need to make my money, so that means doing press calls because that is what the modeling business here is all about. I am still making sure that I’m getting my fashion shots and working with photographers like Barry McCall to build up my book, so when I go back, I won’t be starting from scratch.”

On billionaire Donal Trump, who picked her out as a favorite in the Miss Universe competition, she has high praise.

“I have met him about six or seven times. He is very nice, he is very straightforward, but he is very business-minded as well. He knows modelling is hard and he just says, “Do what you have to do.” I am just trying to do my best and hopefully I am now taking the right advice.”