Canadian-born actor Donal Logue is busy these days, working on three separate shows for three separate networks simultaneously. He plays Brendan Donovan on BBC America's “Copper”, King Horik on the History Channel's “Vikings”, and Lee Toric on FX's “Sons of Anarchy”.

Speaking with Cape Cod online, Logue talks about his personal success and how it isn't necessarily tied to his acting career. Logue has established his own trucking company, Aisling Trucking, which operates in Canada and in Oregon, where he also has a hardwood company.

BBC America's “Copper” offers Logue a role and a time period with which he can readily identify. A history major during his time at Harvard, Logue, who identifies with his Irish roots, says, "They were Catholics in a world controlled by Protestants, so there was a lot of anti-papist feeling. Now 40 million to 50 million Americans identify with being Irish, but at the time it was more of a scourge than a badge of honor. What I get to play is the guy in this narrative fiction who says, 'It's our time. It starts now.'"

Logue himself had that same manner of realization in his youth, when he was working as a janitor and only just meandering his way through life. "I was sitting in El Centro, doing drugs, listening to heavy metal on this boom box ... and someone said, 'Hey, bro, somebody said you went to Harvard.' I said, 'Yeah, I did.'" That moment was a defining one in Logue's life, where he quit drinking and started his acting career off strongly, landing the role of a mathematician in the film “Sneakers”.

Speaking to his good fortunes, Logue offers that "You get a few windows of opportunity — just recognize them."