Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson and “New Girl” singing actor Zooey Deschanel are in talks to star in a low-budget dramedy called “About Time”.

The movie, by Working Title Films is set to be directed by “Love actually” helmer
Richarda Curtis, who also wrote the script.

Variety reports that Gleeson is set to play the character of Tim, a young man who comes from a family of Travellers. Tim learns of his amazing gift, he inherited from his father, which he uses to change situations for the better.

Apart from playing one of the Weasley brother in “Harry Potter” Gleeson (Brendan Gleeson’s son) has also recently starred in “True Grit”, “Never Let Me Go” and “Shadow Dancer”. Next up, he will star in the reboot of “Dredd”. 

Deschanel will play the “love interest”, Mary, in “About Time”. She’s also in line to play the lead in Fox 2000’s “He’s Fucking Perfect”. Deschanel recently co-starred in the comedies "Your Highness" and "Our Idiot Brother."