Miley Cyrus has just revealed that her favorite move is "P.S. I Love You" the film based on the book by Cecillia Ahern, the daughter of the former Irish Prime Minister.

Of course the star o f' "P.S. I Love You" is lovebird Gerard Butler, currently riding the waves on some tropical island with latest love Jennifer Aniston while we all freeze in New York.
Does this mean that Miley has a crush on this rugged and handsome Scotsman who plays an Irishman in the movie who falls in love with a Yank played by Hilary Swank?
I think so. The movie is about a series of love letters from her dead husband to Swank which leads her to her next romantic assignment. Butler enters the scene when he sings the Irish classic 'Galway Girl' to Hilary in a pub.
Was Miley sending a love letter to Gerard by admitting she loves his movie.OK, I know there's a massive age difference, but a kid can have a crush right?