A St. Patrick's eve surprise was in store for Pierce Brosnan last weekend, when the British tabloid the People published a story claiming that the former 007 hunk could have a half-sister who is living rough in Los Angeles. The story alleges that Carol Plants, a single 43-year-old mother, says her own late mom wrote a letter on her deathbed alleging that one Thomas Brosnan, Pierce's estranged dad, is also Carol's father. Irishman Tom Brosnan fathered Pierce 54 years ago, but walked out on his Co. Meath-born son when he was only a baby. Carol is looking to prove a sibling link to Pierce by requesting him to submit to a DNA test. So far, though, her appeals have fallen on deaf ears. "I genuinely believe I am Pierce Brosnan's sister. As far as I'm concerned, the letter my mother wrote to me is gospel until proven otherwise," Carol told the paper. Her mother, born in France, wrote her daughter a letter in 2002 just before her death. Carol claims she found the letter in a Bible not long ago, which is why she's making her claims at this late stage. The handwritten note says, "Your father was a man named Thomas Brosnan. He is an Irishman from Tralee. I knew him briefly in London. "Please, I urge you to seek your father out. I pray you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Both for the past and for the unspoken discoveries you will find in your search for your father." Carol added, "My search for him led me to Pierce. I don't think he even knows about this. If he did I'm sure he would have tried to contact me." Pierce lives in Malibu, the wealthy LA beach colony, but Carol claims she doesn't want his money to help support her and her two daughters, all of whom are living in a domestic violence shelter in the city. All she wants, she says, is to further discover a sense of who she is. "I'm not expecting Pierce to come and bail me out. He is my only hope of knowing for sure who I really am. If he is my brother I would love to have him in my life," she says. Brosnan, who moved from Co. Meath to London with his mother in his pre-teen years, declined to comment on the matter.