Self-proclaimed music lovers and long-time U2 fans, Dayna Shereck and Tami Falus, have brought their passion to life with “General Admission ‘Layin’ it on the Line” for U2’”, a documentary revealing the ultimate U2 fan experience.

Fascinated by the subculture of U2 fans who opt to camp-out for the gruelling and intimate general admission experience, Shereck and Falus join the group of die-hard fans who have invested over fifty hours into a U2 show, before the band has even hit the stage!

These two first-time filmmakers decided to make this film with the mandate to capture the U2 fan experience, demonstrate the level of kinship within the line and explore the continuously changing dynamics of the general admission line.

Contacting IrishCentral, Shereck said “U2 fans come from across the globe, with many different backgrounds, of many different ages and holding greatly differing beliefs. However, what brings this vastly diverse group of people together, is their collective love for U2.


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“Among the many groups of fans that U2 has collected throughout the years, the fan-base that is perhaps the most fascinating are those who exhibit their fan-dom in the most extreme form – the general admission crowd.”

The film follows Shereck and Falus through their experience as line leaders, holding the coveted “number one” and “number two” positions for a Toronto U2 show. They examine the idiosyncrasies of this complex fan-organized process as the filmmakers immerse themselves into the world of the general admission line.

With a shared love for U2 and a sense of community that reaches international scales, “General Admission” places a microscope on a whole subculture of people that often relive the general admission experience on a regular basis.

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