Did Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant fall for each other during the making of their romantic comedy "Did you hear about the Morgans?"

They certainly looked very close on the red carpet at the London premiere Tuesday.

Sarah Jessica, 44, wearing a hot pink dress sashayed up the red carpet in her signature skyscraper heels.

Grant, 49, told reporters he had already fallen for his co-star.

“She would be a very good wife. She’s very caring. She lives in her own little world and I have literally fallen in love with her,” he said.

The actors looked stunning during the photocall for the movie and snuggled up for several shots.

Grant has been famously unlucky in love.

His relationship with Elizabeth Hurley foundered in 2000 when the pair announced an "amicable split."

The two had been together since meeting in 1987 during the filming of the Lord Byron movie "Remando Al Viento."

However their relationship moved into the media spotlight in 1994 when the release of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" made Grant an international name.

His single status prompted Vogue to say at the time: "By all accounts the women of London were practically stabbing one another with forks at social events to get close to him."

Grant is again single after the 2007 break-up of his three-year relationship with socialite Jemima Khan.

Of course, Hugh and Sarah will hardly be the first couple to fall in love during movie filming.

That's exactly what happened to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt during the filming of 2005's "Mr and Mr Smith."