A post-mortem has revealed that Van Morrison’s son died after slipping into a diabetic coma at the Texas home of his mother Gigi Lee.

The Irish Independent reports on the results of the post-mortem on George Ivan Morrison who was just 13 months old when he died on January 25th last.
His mum Gigi, Morrison’s tour manager, passed away in October after losing her battle with throat cancer.

The report noted that George Ivan Morrison died from hyperglycaemia and obesity at his mother Gigi Lee’s home in Fort Worth, Texas.

Nick-named Mini Van by his mother, the boy is reported to have weighed almost 33lbs at the time of his death.


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The post-mortem report was carried out by deputy medical examiner Dr Shiping Bao at Tarrant County, Texas, and said that the child had been found unresponsive at his home.

He was formally pronounced dead at 2.32am at North Hills Hospital on January 25th, 2011.

Dr Bao said there were no injuries or fractures and there was no sign of trauma or foul play.

Blood tests showed a glucose reading of 426mg, which indicates extreme hyperglycaemia, and  extremely high blood sugar.

The medical report also claimed that the child suffered from a lower respiratory tract infection when aged just seven months, at the time when he was said to have been living in Northern Ireland.

Singer Morrison had continually denied he is the father of the child and took several injunctions in the British media to stop stories linking him to the tragic baby and his mother.

The child was at the centre of a media storm when Gigi Lee announced his birth on Morrison’s official website two years ago.

Lee passed away in October, aged just 44. The Texan had been diagnosed with inoperable throat cancer before she was pregnant and refused radiation therapy for her illness fearing the treatment would harm her baby.


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