Irish American actor Denis Leary stars alongside Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in the latest Spiderman remake that hits theaters this week. Leary stopped by CBS News to talk with Charlie Rose and Gayle King to talk about the role.

In the new film ‘The Amazing Spiderman,’ Leary plays a New York City cop whose mission is to capture Spiderman, who just so happens to be dating his daughter in the film, Emma Stone.

Leary had nothing but good things to say of the young but bona fide stars in the film Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. "I got to tell you, these kids are great, Emma (Stone) and Andrew (Garfield). They're the real deal," said Leary. He noted he was big fans of some of the films the two had starred in.

However, prior to signing on to do ‘The Amazing Spiderman,’ Leary had to admit that he was a ‘Batman guy,’ but his children and his wife were big Spiderman fans.

Said Leary upon hearing that he was being considered for the role: “I couldn’t tell my wife, because, if I told my wife, she’d said ‘don’t even read the script! Just do it!’”

Leary did, of course, go on to read the script and when he told his wife that he was signing on for the remake under the leadership of Marc Webb, she was elated.

“I’m a Batman guy.The thing I liked about (director Marc Webb's) take was that it was going to be darker and more character-oriented because my favorite Batman stuff is the stuff they're doing now with Christian Bale.”

Leary just recently wrapped up seven seasons of the critically acclaimed drama ‘Rescue Me’ about NYC firefighters. Aside from acting, he is heavily involved with fundraising for New York City firefighters through his own charity the Leary Firefighters Foundation.

‘The Amazing Spiderman’ opens in theaters on July 3.

Watch the video of Denis Leary talking with Charlie Rose and Gayle King here:

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