Oscar-winning “There Will Be Blood” star Daniel Day-Lewis has been named the first Freeman of Wicklow.

The English-born Wicklow resident was chosen as the first Freedom of County Wicklow because “of his Oscar wins, his contribution to cinema and the reflected honor he has brought to County Wicklow.”

Day-Lewis said he was humbled and honored to receive the title, saying: “I have had many memorable days and great fortune in my life and this is one of the most memorable of them all.

“I’m just astonished that this blessing has been honored on me.”

The two-time Oscar winner, who is known for his intense method acting, has lived in the remote Wicklow mountains for 15 years, valuing his home as a place to restore himself for his next big film project.

“Living in this place that I have now for 15 years I’ve always felt, more than any other place that I’ve been, that Wicklow is in harmony, complete harmony, with the demands that life has made,” he said.

Day-Lewis, who was accompanied by his wife, Rebecca Miller, and his sons, Gabriel, Ronan and Cashel, went on to read the poem, “Avoca, Co. Wicklow,” by his father, poet laureate Cecil Day-Lewis.

Family, friends and supporters, including film producers Noel Pearson and Morgan O’Sullivan and U2 manager Paul McGuinness, sang “Happy Birthday” to the actor, who turns 52 this week.

The honorary Irishman was presented with a specially commissioned sun disc created by a local artist.