Everybody’s gossip darling Lindsay Lohan, or LiLo to her cadre of fans, was the topic of comedic conversation on "The Late Show" with David Letterman on Wednesday night.

No lack of yucks were made at the expense of the 24-year-old Irish American celeb recently sent to jail to serve a 90-day sentence for violating her drinking and driving probation.

"The Late Show" announcer, Alan Coulter, began the Lindsay barbs in a comedy bit in which he gave the actress lessons on how to survive a woman’s prison. He begged the star not to accept any gifts, especially cartons of cigarettes, as she would be expected to return the favor with a “bigger gift”.

Snitching is also frowned upon in lockdown, added Coulter, as it only leads to being “shived”. Tattoos are a big no-no and only cause ink poisoning.

Letterman’s Lohan-themed top ten list “Things Overheard During Lindsay Lohan’s First Night in Jail” included the highlights: “Your Orange Prison Jumpsuit Matches your tan”, “I hope they have ‘OK’ magazine in the library”, "It’s Hollywood-Everyone goes to prison”, and “Why can’t we get an A-List celebrity like Meryl Streep”.

Looks like Lindsay is here to stay on latenight.