Daniel O’Donnell  has announced that he is overjoyed by the miraculous help his 91-year-old mother has gotten to fix her hearing. The singer is overjoyed that after years of problems he can now have a conversation with his Mammy again.

His mother, Julia, was fitted with two miniature hearing aids that solved the hearing difficulties she had been living with over the last decade.

Daniel said a weight had been lifted off the family. “She suffered from quite a severe hearing impairment, so conversation became increasingly difficult for her," Daniel said, while speaking to the Evening Herald.

"It also put quite a strain on the rest of the family. We are so thankful that we have found a solution for Mammy."

His mother said “If you are lucky enough to get to my age, you'll realize just how important your hearing is to you.

"Enjoying conversation with your family and friends or a good sing-song is what keeps me going. For instance when Daniel is off touring, I really look forward to his telephone call every day, but with my deteriorating hearing I was finding it very difficult to hear him properly."