Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day Lewis loves living in his Irish home because he is rarely bothered by fans he says.

"I deal with a very low level of people approaching me in Ireland compared to most people that you meet in the course of your work." he tells Ireland of the Welcomes magazine.
"I find people on the whole to be very gracious and unassuming. Even if they do feel the need to say something to you or ask you for a little something,it really is not an intrusion on my life to the extent that it makes any difference whatsoever.
Day Lewis lives in a remote part of Wicklow with wife Rebecca Miller, also a film maker and daughter of Arthur Miller the playwright and their two sons.
He says his wife is his best friend also.
"In terms of having a confidant, Rebecca is someone I would discuss everything with.We work in separate places a lot of the time. We have worked together which was an extremely rewarding experience but we very often work in separate places.But there's nothing we don't share with each other."