Lincoln winning pair Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis may reunite to work on an adaptation of “Thank You for Your Service,” based on David Finkel’s book that examines the psychology of war and veterans returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The official synopsis of the book, reprinted by says, “In the ironically titled Thank You for Your Service, Finkel writes with tremendous passion not just about soldiers but about their wives and children. Where do soldiers belong after their homecoming? It is reasonable, even possible, to expect them to rejoin their communities as if nothing has happened? And in moments of hardship, who can soldiers turn to if they feel alienated by the world they once lived in? These are the questions Finkel faces as he revisits the brave but shaken men of the 2-16.

More than a work of journalism, Thank You for Your Service is an act of understanding-- shocking but always riveting, unflinching but deeply humane, it takes us inside the heads of those who must live the rest of their lives with the realities of war.”

Finkel, who is a Washington Post reporter, won a Pulitzer Prize for his book. Former actor turned writer Jason Hall wrote the screenplay.

“Thank You for Your Service” is still in the early stages of development and nothing is official. Slashfilm has said that is Spielberg does chose to do “Thank You for Your Service,” he would want Day-Lewis to play the lead role.

Spielberg is currently working on “American Sniper” with Bradley Cooper in the lead role. Hall wrote the screenplay based on late US Navy Seal Chris Kyle’s best selling autobiography. Kyle claimed to have killed more than 255 people in the line of duty, which made him the most lethal US sniper ever. He was shot and killed at a shooting range in Texas by a fellow veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in February of 2013.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg, the Oscar-winning team who worked on "Lincoln" together, could work together again soonGoogle Images