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British born Irish citizen Daniel Day-Lewis seems set to relocate to the U.S.

The current County Wicklow resident, the first Freeman of the Irish county, is married to American writer/director and daughter of famous playwright Arthur Miller, Rebecca Miller, who is intent on moving back to her birthplace.

Miller, who has sons, Ronan, 11, and Cashel, 7, with Day-Lewis, told USA Today: "I need, finally to be in the country I'm writing about.

"I do need, ultimately, to return. It's important to the boys. They spent the first few years of their lives in America - Ronan until he was six.

"He has a sense that he belongs there, in part. He would never get away with not going there because for him it is a big part of his life, for Cashel as well.”

Miller, Day-Lewis and family has lived in the remote Wicklow mountains for 15 years, and though Miller longs to return to the States, she has nothing but positive words about her Irish home.

"I like it. It's wild where we live,” she said. “There's a reason so many writers come from Ireland. There's something about the place that drives you into yourself. I've written a lot since I've been living there.”

The showbiz family’s Wicklow home has helped two-time Oscar winning actor Day-Lewis as well. The English/Irishman values Ireland as a place to restore himself for his next big film project.

“Living in this place that I have now for 15 years I’ve always felt, more than any other place that I’ve been, that Wicklow is in harmony, complete harmony, with the demands that life has made,” he has said.

Day-Lewis, whose father is Irish born poet laureate Cecil Day-Lewis, has been a citizen of Ireland since 1993.