Danica McKellar, who stars in “Iron Man 2” has bared all in Maxim to promote her brand new math book “Hot X: Algerbra Exposed”.

The actress-turned-mathematician is best known for her role in “The Wonder Years”. Preadolescent McKellar played Fred Savage’s sweetheart Winnie Cooper.

McKellar is currently trying to prompt her new math book which say says is “to help girls who [believe] that stigma that math is only for guys or you have to be a nerd to like math.”

She said “Let's make math fun and sexy and glamorous. Smart is sexy, that's one of my main messages."

McKellar is now married with a child on the way this year but it seems that some of her fans still can’t quite get over those “Wonder Years”.

She said that she is constantly approached by guys who have “the girl next door fantasy”.

“I've always been really cautious about guys who have a Winnie Cooper fantasy, and I'm so glad about that,” said McKellar