'Glee’ returned to FOX last night to air the second part of its third season and  to answer some lingering questions. One big question that still remains however is the fate of Derry native Damian McGinty and his relatively small role of Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan.

Episode 15 of ‘Glee’s third season, entitled ‘Big Brother,’ featured guest star Matt Bomer who played the older brother of Blaine (Darren Criss). While Bomer was in the spotlight for most of the episode, along with the follow-up to Quinn’s texting-while-driving car accident that left her in a wheelchair, there was little room for Rory Flanagan’s storyline to be further developed.

McGinty-diehards, however, will be happy to know that the former Celtic Thunder crooner is still plodding along filming with the rest of the ‘Glee’ cast, for now anyway. McGinty is a big fan of keeping his fans up-to-date via his Twitter account, @damianmcginty where’s he recently shared how he’s a bit homesick for dear old Ireland. Can’t help but wonder if that could make an impact on his future at ‘Glee.’

After becoming co-champion of ‘The Glee Project’ last summer, McGinty was awarded a seven-show run on the popular FOX show. He’s now surpassed his contracted seven episodes, but his future on the show for upcoming seasons has yet to be announced.

Damian McGinty chatted with HollyWire at Logo's New Now Next Awards about ‘Glee’ and some of its upcoming surprises. McGinty’s excited to do a rendition of the runaway pop hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction, and he’s equally excited about the rumors that Lindsay Lohan may be making a guest appearance.

When asked about his future on the show, McGinty said that only three people knew for sure what their future is going to be, and, alas, he is not one of them (yet.) 

“Everybody else is kind of in limbo - are we coming back? Are we not? And it’s hard, I mean, but all you can do is focus on your job, work hard and the show will figure itself out.”

Tune in next Tuesday to FOX to watch ‘Glee’!

Below, check out Damian chatting with HollyWire:


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