As if the green sweater in the photo wasn’t bad enough Ryan Murphy and the ‘Glee’ creators went and called Damian McGinty’s first episode in the hit series ‘Pot O’ Gold’. Although we don’t actually get to see McGinty in the trailer released this week we can but hope that they don’t actually dress “The Glee Project” winner up as a leprechaun.

“Glee” is taking a break for a few weeks but it has been amping up anticipation for the remainder of its third season with a teaser promo. Damian McGinty’s “Pot O’Gold” episode (sans his Lucky Charms) is set to premier on November 4th.

The next episode introduces the Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan, played by McGinty.

The title of the episode goes hand-in-hand with what some have deemed an already stereotypical slant on the Irish exchange student character. In a picture released from the set, McGinty was seen wearing a green ensemble, uncomfortably reminiscent of a leprechaun’s.

Only a few comments have been made so far about what’s going to go down with the new kid at McKinley. McGinty has said that his character will be living with Brittany’s family, that he will incite jealousy in Santana who has a crush on Brittany, and that his falsetto will make Kurt nervous about his position of soprano in New Directions.

Other than those tidbits, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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The drama is heating up though in ‘Glee’ as Sandy [Idina Menzel] sets up a new show-choir club at McKinley, which Mercedes apparently switches over to. Sources says that McGinty’s character  Rory will head for the original group, New Directions. Quinn and Puck become reacquainted with their daughter Beth, whom they gave to Sandy for adoption. What lengths will Quinn go to to get Beth back, though?

Surely, throwing an Irish exchange student into the mix will only heat up the drama some more. Tune in to FOX on November 4th at 8pm to catch Damian McGinty’s debut as Rory Flanagan.