Damian McGinty's character in “Glee” will apparently be bullied soon after he arrives at McKinley High.

The Irish-born actor and singer will make his debut on November 1 in America’s top rated weekly network drama show.

In it, he will play an exchange student from Ireland who will stay with the Britanny Pierce character who regards him as “her own personal leprechaun only she can see."


Damian McGinty’s first ‘Glee’ episode ‘Pot O’ Gold’ could feature leprechauns

Irish less than impressed with Damian McGinty’s image on ‘Glee’

However, Brittany’s new friend deeply upsets Santana, the macho character who has had her eyes on Brittany for some time, hence the bullying. A released photo shows Rory backed up against his locker by members of the hockey team.

Another character not happy with Rory is Kurt the big man on campus who thinks Rory threatens his role as main soprano on the ‘Glee’ club.

Damian McGinty won a  a seven-episode appearance  on the FOX musical series when he co-won The Glee Project. Previously, he was with Celtic Thunder. He is a native of Derry.

His first episode will be called ‘Pot O’Gold.’