The young Celtic Thunder singer, Derry boy, Damian McGinty won, one of two top spots, on Oxygen’s ‘The Glee Project’ on Sunday night. McGinity and Samuel Larsen who also won, will go on to appear in a seven-episode story arc on Ryan Murphy’s smash-hit musical series “Glee”.

The final of the show was filmed back in April and the pair have had to keep their success a big secret until now.

Speaking to about the moment when, creator of the show, Ryan Murphy told them that they had won the show McGinty said “It was like I had just drunk 15 Red Bulls and 10 coffees."

He said “I was bouncing off the walls. I don't think it's going to be a thing that will ever sink in. I feel really honored, I feel flattered. It's an incredible moment.”



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Fellow winner Larsens said “I feel great!...I was so happy Damian got to win as well. At this point we were just brothers. I knew when he won, too, it felt like I won twice. I love the guy, so it's nice to know I don't have to go into this crazy world alone."

The two runners up, Alex Newell and Lindsay Pearce, will also get a chance to be in the show with two episodes. Now the four finalists are Hollywood bound to begin their new life as members of the “Glee” cast.

Although reality might be setting in for the contestants it’s all news to McGinty’s family back in Ireland. He explained “I talked to my dad and he was in disbelief…He was on the phone crying this morning and apparently media were lined up outside my house, cameras were in my house. In Ireland, a little town called Derry, this does not happen."

“Glee’s” creator Ryan Murphy said that reason that all four finalists have gotten so far, and will get to appear on the show is because he loves them all.

He said “The reason why the finalists got so far was that I saw something in them that made me want to write for them…I love all those kids and I’m invested in them. I love their voices and their talent and I love them."

Although there has been massive speculation about McGinty playing a freshman Irish exchange student he maintains that they’re still being kept in the dark. McGinty said “We know nothing…For us now, it's a waiting game." The four finalist are now taking acting lessons in preparations for their new roles.