‘Glee’s newest star and Derry native Damian McGinty was chatting about his character, Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan, after the Golden Globes in Hollywood last night. McGinty offered some tantalizing teasers about his upcoming appearances.

The Examiner reports that McGinty was excited about attending his first big awards show, The Golden Globes, which were held at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Hollywood last night. On attending, McGinty said earnestly “I just feel so lucky to be here. I’m having the time of my life.”

Though ‘Glee’ didn’t snag any trophies last night, McGinty remains excited for his future on the show. He’s quite looking forward to his upcoming song performances for ‘Glee,’ but doesn’t share with us just what song it is. “I just got a script for a new episode coming up. I am singing one of my favorite songs of all,” said a visibly happy McGinty.
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Many ‘Glee’ faithfuls have been curious as to whether or not we’ll see McGinty’s storyline developed even more in his newly extended contract with the hit show. Of this season, McGinty said “it was a tough year to introduce new people,” since many of the main characters are in their senior year of high school this season.

However, McGinty said that in upcoming shows, a girlfriend for his character Rory will begin to be incorporated. McGinty teases that the story for his character and the new girlfriend might be a little different, but that it will show his character Rory in a new light. Bashful, McGinty was blushing while speaking of his character’s budding romance.

Here, watch Damian’s interview with E! On the Red Carpet:


"Glee's" Damian McGinty at the Golden GlobesE!