Damian McGinty, Derry native and ‘The Glee Project’ co-champion, is rapidly nearing the end of his promised seven-show stint on FOX’s ‘Glee.’ McGinty and viewers alike are anxious to see if the former Celtic Thunder crooner will be brought back for more episodes.

“I guess Christmas is my 6 and then another is 7,” said McGinty to Entertainment Weekly about his contracted stay on the FOX hit. “But as soon as I get the episode for the one after Christmas, I will know if they’re going to try and keep me on or not.”

The appearances McGinty has had on each of his episodes thus far has ranged from having him as the focal point of the episodes (namely, ‘Pot O’ Gold’), to merely having him on stage during an ensemble performance.
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McGinty, however, remains hopeful about his future on ‘Glee.’ “My fingers are crossed because that’s what I’ve been working toward. But I’m just going to take it episode by episode. I’m delighted to do that — I’m having the time of my life and working hard.”

Speculating about what his future with ‘Glee’ could be, McGinty points to the budding “bromance” between his character, Rory Flanagan, and Cory Monteith’s character, Finn. Finn took foreign-exchange student Rory under his wing initially, offering tips on how to navigate the sometimes rocky waters of McKinley High.

“Finn tells Rory a few things about America and he’s learning a lot from him. There is a nice relationship there,” said McGinty.

Entertainment Weekly also reports that McGinty has been lending his hand to the charitable cause Concern Worldwide, and in particular, the ‘Your Dollar Our Future’ [http://www.yourdollarourfuture.org/ ] campaign. The campaign looks to raise money for children’s education in Haiti. Check out the video McGinty did for Concern Worldwide below.