Damian McGinty is one of the six finalists in “The Glee Project.”

In the most recent episode, the challenge was to shoot a music video to Katy Petty’s “Teenage Dream,” according to Reality TV Magazine. Damian’s challenge was to portray a typical high school jock with his cheerleader girlfriend, played by fellow finalist Lindsay Pearce.

Damian revealed that his biggest fear for shooting the video was dancing, because he’s not very good at it. Indeed, after the video was shot, Damian was placed in the bottom three, which gave him the chance to redeem his standing in a last-chance performance. His challenge: to perform the classic  Irish song, “Danny Boy.”

A shocking twist at the end of the show sealed Damian’s fate to stay on; another participant, Cameron, decides that the show is testing his boundaries too much and quits. Although the judges had previously decided that it would be Damian going home, because Cameron decided to withdraw, Damian is safe.

The other finalists include Alex Newell, Hannah McIalwain, Lindsay Pearce, and Samuel Larsen.
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