Damian McGinty, Derry native and co-champion of ‘The Glee Project,’ had some much awaited face time in last night’s Valentine’s Day episode of ‘Glee.’ However, as part of his newest love-triangle plot line with Sugar (Vanessa Lengies) and Artie (Kevin McHale), hints were dropping left and right that Rory Flanagan may be headed back for dear ol’ Ireland.

We were excited to hear that McGinty’s character Rory Flanagan, who is an Irish exchange student at McKinley High, would be getting more attention in last night’s episode entitled ‘Heart.’ Having been the co-champion of ‘The Glee Project’ this past summer, McGinty was guaranteed a seven show run on the runaway FOX hit. Towards the end of the guaranteed seven appearances, McGinty’s contract was extended indefinitely.

However, while he was granted more time on the show, that didn’t necessarily equate to a lot of focus on exchange student Flanagan. His involvement in last night’s episode was a welcome departure from mostly ensemble appearances in other recent episodes.
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In last night’s episode, Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan explained that his visa had expired and that he’ll be returning to Ireland at the end of the school year. However, later in the episode, it becomes apparent that he may have been bluffing in the hopes of catching Sugar’s (Lengies) attention and affection. When the two share a slow-dance at the big Valentine’s Day party, Rory remains quiet just long enough after Sugar references his return to Ireland to tip the audience off that he was probably lying.

Following his announcement (or bluff?) that his visa had expired, Flanagan performs a touching rendition of Michael Buble’s song ‘Home,’ which secures Sugar’s affections when she asks him to be his date for Valentine’s Day. Catch the audio of the song below!

Either that, or the ‘Glee’ writers are keeping their options open by playing it safe by teasing at a bluffing Rory Flanagan. Surely only time will tell for this typical ‘Glee’ plot line that often leaves the audience guessing and wondering.

Rory Flanagan’s visa being expired is perfectly relevant as well with new legislation looming for Irish citizens to come to America and work here. In the episode, Sugar, who is exorbitantly wealthy, suggests that maybe her father could “buy Ireland” in hopes of Rory and her being together. Also pretty relevant in a time marked by Irish economic hardship.

Bloggers aren’t shying away from their acceptance of the shooing of McGinty back to Ireland. While McGinty is undoubtedly adorable, his character is just not evolving with the pace of the show, and room for him in the future seems to be diminishing, save for the blossoming possibility of a love story between him and Sugar.

One TV Guide blogger wrote that the “the longer-awaited departure of ‘The Glee Project's’ underused co-winner Damian McGinty” was one of last night’s highlights of the episode.

For Zap2It, one blogger explained that with the introduction of the other ‘Glee Project’ co-champion Samuel Larsen, McGinty’s days are probably numbered. “The ‘Glee Project’ co-winner [Larsen] made his "Glee" debut as Joseph Hart, a formerly homeschooled sophomore and new member of the Christian club. He was a little fast on his line readings, but his onscreen personality is already far more magnetic than Damian McGinty's. Sorry, Damian, you're cute, but Samuel is interesting.”

With next week being the winter finale for ‘Glee’ this season, the spotlight most likely won’t be falling on Damian McGinty in the episode. Will you be tuning into to see what happens with the rest of the McKinley kids?

Damian McGinty singing Michael Buble’s ‘Home’:

Preview for the finale next week:

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