Despite not coming back for the new season of FOX’s ‘Glee,’ Derry native Damian McGinty recalls fondly his time spent on the hit show as a guest member.

The season three DVD set for ‘Glee’ hits stores this week, and the commentary features a chat with McGinty, who played Irish foreign exchange student Rory Flanagan on the show. McGinty won the role after being named co-champion of the reality competition show ‘The Glee Project.’

Chatting with Digital Spy about his time spent on the show’s set in Los Angeles, McGinty shared some secrets about the cast and crew - including that they didn’t mind a bit of hazing for the new members!

McGinty said how in his first weeks, the cast and crew - who he described as very welcoming and a lot of fun - would tell him he was needed on set hours earlier than actually needed as a bit of a prank.

The former Celtic Thunder crooner added that he learned a lot from his time at ‘Glee,’ and thought it all to be very professional.

When asked about fellow Irish music superstar Jedward, McGinty said, “I could see Jedward for Glee, for sure.” He added that he’s a big fan of the pair.

Looking towards the future, McGinty told Digital Spy that he’s in talks with Nickelodeon and Disney, and that he’s working on an EP at the moment and that he will have a single out within the coming weeks.

"In Hollywood it's weird, it always takes a lot of time," he said. "But hopefully it'll be worth it in the end!"

Check out the interview with DigitalSpy here:

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