Damian McGInty has really hit it off with his fellow ‘Glee ‘stars as he has commenced his acting career with them. The new season kicked off on Tuesday night.

He has begun shooting his scenes and the stars of the cast are welcoming him with open arms.

He plays an exchange student called Rory in the series who first features in the fourth episode .

"Such an incredible day...met incredible people, worked with incredible people, excited for the future," he tweeted after his first day on the set.

Cast members Cory Monteith and Lea Michele, who play the high-school sweethearts Finn and Rachel on the show were delighted to work with the Derry-born star. Lea (25) stated she was charmed.

"It's been so much fun working with our Glee Project winners.
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"Damian was so sweet the other day and Lindsay [one of the competition's finalists] was amazing!!" she said.

"Great day of work today! Got to meet the lovely Damian McGinty! He may be one of the sweetest people ever! So happy to have him in our family!" she added on her social network site a few days later.

Cory (29)  said he had shot a "great scene" with Damian and that "season three was "lookin gooooood"

Diana Agron (25) who plays  blonde Quinn Fabray called Damian a "cutie" who "sounds amazing on his track", while Harry Shum Jr said

"Welcome Damian! I want to spell your name like this "Damien" but I will refrain. Hope u had fun today " Harry (29) wrote.

Damian will feature as an exchange student from episode four living  with the family of cheerleader Brittany.

"She of course believes him to be a leprechaun with magical powers," creator Ryan Murphy said.