Clint Eastwood, on the promo trail for what he does best -- movies -- as opposed to political speeches, says that he’d love to come to Ireland in the future to shoot a film.

Currently talking up his latest with Amy Adams, Trouble With the Curve, Eastwood told a reporter from the Irish Sun that his maternal roots originate in Monaghan, and that he’s paid a few visits in the past.  As for a future project in the Emerald Isle? It would make his day.

“I’d love to make a movie in Ireland sometime. The best part of me is the Irish part, Egans on my mother’s side. She had roots in Monaghan and I’ve been there many times. It’s one of my favorite places to golf,” the 81-year-old Oscar winner revealed.

At a ceremony in Los Angeles last year, Irish Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Collins presented Eastwood with the inaugural John Ford Award, created by the Irish Film and Television Academy. Ford, of course, directed the legendary film The Quiet Man and was a multiple Oscar winner.  His parents were Irish immigrants.

“John Ford was a pioneer and I was a huge admirer of his Westerns. I grew up on all that and it definitely influenced me,” Eastwood said, adding that he’d love to attend a John Ford symposium in Ireland.

“It’s a great privilege for me to be associated with John Ford in this way, as he was such a pioneer of American filmmaking.”   

Irish Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Collins and Clint Eastwood at the John Ford Award event in Los Angeles last December.Eric Charbonneau