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The most expensive musical in Broadway history, "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" was plagued by more disaster on Monday night after that a stunt-man fell more than 30 feet to the pit below the stage.

During the closing minutes of the show, audiences witnessed the actor, Christopher Tierney, the shows main aerialist, plummet off the stage.

Latest reports suggest that one of the tethers holding the stunt double broke resulting in the fall. Producers say he suffered only minor injuries.

Audience member Jonathan Schumann told New York 1 that the audience heard a thud when the actor fell.

"He fell very, very quickly and his cable snapped out, and looked like it sort of had even fallen into the audience.

“So there was the big thud of him falling, and the immediate sound of the actress sort of scream, sobbing, so it was very clear immediately that something was wrong," Schumann added.

It is the latest accident to plague that cursed Broadway show, last month an actress suffered concussion, and another two actors were injured during a flying sequence.

Despite what seems the be the most cursed musical in Broadway history, director Julie Taymor is adamant that it is all part of the creative process.

"I don't think anything that's really creative can be done without danger or risk," she said.

The director admits the show is intimidating but insists: ""If you don't have fear, then you're not taking a chance".

READ MORE- Is Spiderman the Musical laboring under a curse?