Simone Adele Loysen from Culkin School of Irish Dance
2011 Southern Regional Champion Girls under 9
Photo Steph School

Simone Adele Loysen, the 2011 Southern Region Irish Dancing Champion for Girls under 9, has an awful lot to be proud of.  A first-time competitor at the recent All-Ireland Irish Dancing Championships in Dublin, Ireland, Simone placed 23rd!  She also managed to bring home some sage advice to share with Irish dancers from the Culkin School of Irish Dance in Maryland.

Simone shares a pre-competition cup of tea with her teacher Sean Culkin, ADCRG
in Dublin, Ireland
Photo: Steph Schor

Little did she know, her "Irish Dancer's Oath" which she made to help her commit to what she believes it takes to succeed, would make it's way to Irish dancers around the world through Feis America LLC's media feed.
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Simone waits with other Irish dancers at the Garden State Feis in New Jersey
Photo: Steph Schor

Irish dancers are nothing if not patient.  Years - even at Simone's young age - of waiting for a competition to begin, waiting in line as a Beginner or Novice dancer with dozens of other girls and boys for your turn to dance, and then waiting again for the next step, the posting of winners and awards, test the best of them.  It is likely this character trait that helped Simone lay out the "Irish Dancer's Oath", knowing that practice, care of one's body and listening to those who know best will help her reach her goals in the long-run.

"Irish Dancer's Oath" by Simone Adele Loysen

Stephanie Schor, Simone's mother, posted the "Irish Dancer's Oath" on her Facebook page, and the comments and kudos started right away.  Joann Priole, mom to Maggie from Cummins (Maggie just recalled in Girls 10-11 at the World Irish Dancing Championships in Belfast) posted, "Very nice job, Simone!  This is the true spirit of Irish dance!".

Feis America LLC contacted Simone and her mother for permission to replicate the oath to share with Irish dancers everywhere.

Simone's response? She said, "I never thought my little oath would become something that Irish dancers from everywhere could use!  I think it's so great that all these other Irish dancers can do the exact thing I did and take the oath."

Thank you Simone and good luck at the North American National Irish Dancing Championships coming in July!  Viewers can access Simone's "Irish Dancer's Oath" by clicking on the caption below this image:

Read The Irish Dancer's Oath by Simone Adele Loysen 

What kind of tools do you use to help you focus on your goals in Irish dancing?  Share in the comment box below!

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