Given that his music career is on the downturn, Jim Corr, he of the photogenic Irish sibling band The Corrs, has clearly got a lot of time on his hands. Actually, you might say that Jim has moved from his native County Louth to Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Ample evidence of the relocation is provided via his Web site, which he launched on 08/08/08 and is now starting to actively publicize with ads in the Belfast-based paper The Irish News.

"I'm trying in several areas to supply information where there is a vacuum in mainstream media," he told the Sunday World. “I'm trying to get to the truth behind the news."
What exactly is the truth according to Jim?

Well, 9/11 didn’t just happen out of the blue, he feels.

"A study by Danish professor Niels Harrit found there was thermite in the dust from the twin towers," he said. "Now thermite is an explosive used in demolition. What was that doing in the World Trade Center and how could the towers collapse so neatly into their own footprint?

"There are buildings that burn for days that haven't collapsed."

Writing about the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11, Corr says we’ve all been tricked about what happened there as well.

“Rudy Giuliani, in 7 at the time, escaped, said he was warned, but won’t say by who,” blares Corr on the homepage of his Web site. “Bizarre! BBC reported live that 7 fell 25 minutes before it actually fell. Only 5 percent of Americans even know that 7 fell. Zionist controlled media refused to report it.”

And there’s more, lots more. Corr is, of course, advising his fellow Irish citizens against approving the Lisbon Treaty about increased European integration when it comes up for a vote again next month. And there’s a link to a site called Russia Today with a piece titled, “U.S. Homeland Security Begins Hoarding Personal Data.” (Of course, the U.S. and our dollars were fine when the Corrs had a couple of hit singles here way back when, but we digress . . . )

Jim further writes, “You will meet people as I do occasionaly (sic) who are unable to grasp the reality of what's going on. You may even meet them amongst family and friends but don't get frustrated, It is understandably inconceivable for some people to contemplate that some governments at the behest of their globalist puppeteers could be staging terrorist attacks against their own populations, particularly for people whose reality doesn't extend beyond the television set, which is being used highly effectively as a Weapon of Mass Deception.”

Even the swine flu outbreak is sinister in origin, says Jim. “As crazy as it sounds, a growing number of people believe this to be a possible bio-weapon. After all, the virus exhibits unusual strains from different viruses across the globe," he writes.

"Could there be people this evil on the planet willing in this case to provoke a pandemic to serve a depopulation agenda and profit from the sickness of ordinary people?”

Well, it takes all kinds of people to make a planet, we guess. Wonder what his sisters think of his rantings? One of them, Andrea, just wed the son of a billionaire Irish financier in County Clare that attracted the likes of Bono and golfer Padraig Harrington as guests.