There's an urban myth doing the rounds that claims that during her time on 'American Idol,' singing star Crystal Bowersox didn't actually care about winning the show at all.

The young star ended up finishing second, behind champ Lee DeWyze. But while Bowersox is fine with her runner-up status, she wants to make one thing abundantly clear: she always wanted to come out on top.

'I wouldn't have tried out if I didn't think I had a shot at winning,' she told MTV News yesterday. 'But it's a weird confliction, because, to me, music shouldn't be about competition; it's about expression, it's emotive, it's all those things. But at the same time, the industry is a big competition and who can sell the most records. So it was a little strange for me, but I really tried to give it my best and sing songs I could relate to and that I thought other people could relate to. ... I had a strategy.'

Thanks to that strategy she kept advancing in the competition. But on the morning of the 'Idol' finale, she had an epiphany: no matter how hard she had worked, DeWyze was going to win.

'I tried not to think about it too much, but Wednesday morning, I woke up, and I had a strange, calm feeling. In my mind, I predicted Lee to win. And whatever reason that's based on, it was just a feeling I had, and I was right,' she smiled.

"And I was prepared for that. I was OK with whatever happened, and I gave the whole thing my best shot, and I'm cool with number two, you know? We're both going to be really successful, and I'm really proud of Lee.'