Feis America caught up with one of the show's World Champion stars, Owen Barrington, for an interview which we published in the July/August issue. Here's a peak at what's to come tomorrow and Monday...

Feis America: What makes Ireland-The Show different from any other dance show?

Owen Barrington: The thing that makes Ireland-The Show special from most other shows is that we perform 100% completely live. Most big professional Irish dance shows today use a "click track" in which the taps are pre-recorded and the dancers dance on top of that. Dancing every night, completely live, without the assistance of pre-recorded taps, raises the level of difficulty because you must be spot-on every single show, there's no other way around it. The benefits of dancing live though are a more genuine show and it gives us the freedom to change steps around at a moment's notice if we feel it's necessary.

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