U2 multimillionaire Bono and other Irish music stars should chip in to fund a statue of in honor the late, great Dubliner's singer Luke Kelly, an Irish councilor has claimed.

Councillor Christy Burke, who originally suggested the erecting the statue six years ago, is pleading with the U2 singer (and the reclusive ethereal warbler Enya) for the 85,000 euro needed.

The Dublin Docklands Development Authority had initially agreed to install a statue in honor of the Dubliners legend, but the recession put an end to the plan.

"Bono said he'd never met him but that he was a great fan and Enya is out there in her Dalkey Castle as well," Councillor Burke told the Irish press. "There's also Chris De Burgh," he added hopefully.

"If they all got together, the money could be found. Luke would have been the main man at the time, and he was an ambassador for Ireland when he was abroad. He was a most respected figure."

"Maybe some good guardian angel will come forward. I'm going to try and find a sponsor - this statue is a long time coming. Maybe the music industry and its senior figures would come together with their thoughts about Luke," Burke added.