The National Wax Museum debut their wax figure of beloved and highly controversial Irish fighter Conor McGregor.

The wax figure of McGregor was head to toe in a lavish tailored suit by Louis Copeland who provided the custom-made suit for the statue. The back of the suit has McGregor's 'The Notorious' nickname emblazoned on it.

Online critics were quick to question the resemblance of their favorite Irish fighter.

Looks like Dracula

— Yusuf Pender (@yusufpender) August 17, 2017

The National Wax Museum was quick to respond to their critical audiences online by saying, "You're making a judgment from a photo you've seen online.”

The statue of McGregor was highly anticipated and expected to be one of their most popular attractions.

"We are all excited to exhibit the new wax figure of Conor, particularly in light of the unprecedented level of worldwide attention being focused on his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather on Saturday 26th August," the museum’s marketing manager, Laoise Keaveney, said.

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