Last night Conan O’Brien surprised the audience at his friend, Jack White (of The White Stripes) place, Third Man Records when he hopped up on stage to play an impromptu set of rockabilly covers.

Never, and especially not recently, has Conan been one to shy away from some media coverage. The Irish comic had tweeted and YouTubed a message to his devoted fans the night before. Though about 1,000 people queued outside the venue only 300 were treated to this free show.

Conan announced that the intimate performance was being recorded and joked that within six months he had gone from hosting "the greatest franchise in television history" to touring the country in a bus to making a vinyl record.

"I'm going back in time…Next week I'll be playing Vaudeville and then I'm going to be a steamboat captain."

Accompanied on stage by his “Cocettes” as backup singers O’Brien played guitar and occasionally joined his friend, White, on vocals. The set included songs by Elvis, the Stray Cats, Willie Nelson, Eddie Cochran and Radiohead. Of course, Conan couldn’t resist adding the comic effect and he changed some of the lyrics and also told a couple of jokes between songs.

At the end of the night he thanked the crowd and said “This is probably the most fun I've had in show business…This means everything to me. This was so cool.”