Conan O’Brien will make his first post-Tonight Show appearance on TV this weekend. O’Brien, who's scheduled to host a late-night show later this year on cable station TBS, will talk with Steve Kroft on the CBS news magazine "60 Minutes."

The terms of O’Brien’s exit deal with NBC have barred him from television appearances until May 1 but it's understood that the upcoming segment will include footage from O'Brien's hugely popular stage show, the "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour."

O'Brien will also discuss his forthcoming late-night gig on TBS, set to premiere in November.

Although O’Brien is restricted from criticizing NBC or rival Jay Leno, Kroft says O’Brien "flirts" with those restrictions in the interview. Although "60 Minutes" doesn't air until May 2, it was taped before the end of the embargo, something Kroft had to work around.

It's hard to imagine the interview won't reflect on the events at NBC and O'Brien's feelings toward Jay Leno after what critics have been calling the "Jaypocalypse."

Another quirk of the current restrictions on him mean that CBS will not be able to show Conan's face to promote Sunday's interview (he is unable to appear on TV until May 1).

"I think we'll just show me talking to him and have to blank his face out," Kroft said,

Meanwhile Conan says he's decided to stay in Los Angeles. The reason? He said that the people are so nice there. In any case, that means he gets to continue making fun of Los Angeles.


He's back! Conan O'Brien set to break silence on '60 Minutes' this weekend