Speaking about his new upcoming show Conan O'Brien has put the NBC debacle behind him and is focused on his new endeavor.

“I’m trying to take everything that I’ve picked up or learned over the last ten months and apply it to this new show. Now, we’ll err, we’ll make mistakes, we’ll hit dead ends. But I don’t want to give up any ground or any of the cool things that we discovered,” he told Vulture Magazine.

He is excited about the challenge and revealed the show will present a new angle as it represents a new context for the Irish American star. O'Brien said that music will be not be a prominent fixture: “Music is not something you can do on the television every night. Really, these shows at their best are about small moments that become big.”

Will Ferrel a close friend of O'Brien's will also be making a future appearance on the cable television show: “Will remains one of my favorite people of all time, and he’ll be part of the show.”

O'Brien is eager to put his tumultuous year behind him and get back to doing what he's good at. Making people laugh.

“The hoopla of the last ten months — I’m anxious to have that phase be over, and just have people say, "I saw him last night and this thing really made me laugh," he told Vulture magazine.

“I am someone who wants to be recognized for things I do that are funny. That’s what I primarily want. I like to try and make people laugh,” he added.

When asked if his main motivation was to prove to NBC that they had made the wrong decision O'Brien insisted that it's not a healthy motivation to have and added that his new show is his main priority.

“My biggest motivation is, I think I have something to offer, and I like the work. I really do like the work and putting this show together. I mean, I questioned very seriously when this all happened ten months ago or whatever, “What do I have left in me? Do I have more to say? Do I have more to do?” And the answer came back to me pretty quickly that, yeah, I really like doing this.”

Conan O'Brien's new show “Conan” will air on TBS cable television next Monday night.