Flame haired and freckled faced Conan O'Brien can't hide his ethnic origin nor does he ever try. In fact he clearly enjoys playing up his Irish heritage, and preferably if there's onscreen fun to be had.

Taking time out to celebrate 'Chicago Week' on his show last night O'Brien gingerly tackled a bit of Irish step-dancing with mixed results and one accidental flying kick to the face of a young Irish dancer.

Check out the hilarious video below from Cinemablend.com below which includes O'Brien's own guided tour of Chicago's Irish American Heritage Center and gift shop, which includes no less than six bars (one of them portable).

O'Brien's attempts to dance the dance of his people are the videos highlight of course, as he flails and fails and almost injures the lookers on. It's enough to drive a man to drink and sure enough it eventually does.

As some young Irish step dancers pound out a driving rhythm with drumsticks on the floor, O'Brien does his best Lord of the Dance routine, skewering Michael Flatley's fashion choices along the way.

After her unexpected contact with O'Brien's foot the spirited young dancer plays down the whole experience, managing  to smile on throughout the whole ordeal - she doesn't even blink.

Later the far more talented dancers perform on Conan's stage reminding the audience of the real power and beauty of irish dance after all the slapstick. After they conclude Conan manages a quick apology (and payoff) to the girl his feet of flames connected with.

Conan in Chicago is broadcast at 11/10 central on TBS.