Irish American comedian Conan O’Brien is the latest celebrity to endorse the Gathering, a year long celebration of all things Irish, which aims to attract tens of thousands of tourists to the Emerald Isle.

Dressed in a green jumper, O’Brien filmed a short segment in which he encourages people with Irish ancestry to visit Ireland next year.

“It’s going to be a blast,” the flame haired presenter says.

The TBS presenter took his family to Ireland on vacation in October. The US comedian tweeted, “Hurrah! I am back in Ireland, 150 years after the British made me leave for doing a crappy talk show in the village.”

The TV host took in some of the sights in the nation's capital with his wife Liza Powell and their two children, Beckett (6) and Neve (8).

The comedian, who was born in Massachusetts and grew up in an Irish Catholic home, has visited the Emerald Isle before. A couple of years ago he visited Limerick where he had a sing-song for a segment on his “Late Night” talk show.