Russell Brand appeared on Conan O'Brien this week talking about his and Rico Rodriguez (Manny) from "Modern Family's" "slime attack" at the Children's Choice Awards and the soon to be released movie, "Arthur".

Brand ranted about the challenge of trying to get an audience of children to behave and joked about the organizers shouting at the children in the audience during the commercial. He blamed Johnny Depp for spraying green slime into the audience and then expecting them act in an adult fashion for the rest of the show.

The British actor was also on the show to promote his movie "Arthur" a remake of the Dudley Moore movie. He spoke about attempting to film with the notorious Nick Nolte and how well he gets on with Dame Helen Mirren and Evander Holyfield.

He mentioned how Nolte, while trying to help him on to a horse during filming, was grabbing on to some other part of his anatomy. In one of his trademark comedic rambling he even seemed to make Conan blush. 

"Arthur" will be released in the U.S. on Friday, April 8.