Weddings are always happy occasions but when you invite your Irish dancing friends, all your guests enjoy a special treat! Lisa Anderson started Irish dancing with the Bennett School of Irish Dance in Denver, Colorado at 15 years old and fell in love instantly. She quickly rose through the competitive ranks to Preliminary Champion, but an injury forced her to stop.

Lisa Irish-danced a little in college, but it just wasn’t the same, she says, so she stayed involved with the Bennett School as much as possible between semesters. She enjoys teaching the 5-6 year olds and as a graphic designer, has created many fun t-shirts for Bennett School Irish dancers for competitions and events.

Lisa met her husband Isaac Hess at a church activity about 18 months ago while home between semesters. When she finished college, the two began seriously dating, fell in love and planned to marry quickly. Lisa tells us, "One of our dates was actually taking him to my dance studio and dragging him into learning some ceili dancing!".

At their wedding a few weeks ago, Bennett School Irish dancers including teachers Bill and TCRG Molly Bennett, and a host of friends, danced for guests.

Lisa says, "Isaac told me he isn't much of a dancer but he picked it up really fast which is why we ended up dancing together in a group dance at my wedding! Nothing brings two people together like dancing does, especially when neither of you remember the steps and end up laughing the entire time."

With the wedding behind them, the newlyweds have a little more free time. Lisa looks forward to getting back into shape and competing at the Open Championship level again. Feis America and Irish Central congratulate the happy couple and thank them for sharing their photos and story with us and Irish dancing fans here on the blog.

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Photos courtesy of Bennett School of Irish Dance's Debbie Newton and Kristin White