Now, now, don't be thinking that Colin Farrell's going back to his old drinking and drugging habits, cos that's not what we're saying! Apparently the Dublin actor is loaded all right - with money. A report in the Irish Sunday World - and we're not really sure where it originated apart from that - claims that Colin earned more coin in 2008 than U2 or any other Irish celeb, therefore claiming the title of highest paid Irish star for the year. The story says that he banked €18 million last year, compared to a measly €17 for U2. The money came from his Golden Globe winning turn in "In Bruges," and the box office dud "Pride and Glory," in addition to fees earned for his four 2009 projects, including "The Imagination of Doctor Parnassus," for which he and a number of other actors stepped in to fill the late Heath Ledger's role. Colin's bank book ain't nothing to sneeze at, but U2 will undoubtedly consider the amount chump change this time next year, what with their new album due to drop next week and a massive world tour to follow. Ka-ching! In other Colin news, he's currently earning his crust in Bulgaria, shooting "The Way Back" which will also star Ed Harris and fellow Irish thespian Saoirse Ronan. And after that, he's due to star with Keira Knightley in a thriller called "London Boulevard."