Colin Quinn took to his Twitter (@iamcolinquinn) on Monday in the wake of the airing of Will Ferrell’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. In typical Colin Quinn fashion, he had his followers and media alike all riled up over some accusations about Ferrell.

Quinn offered a series of tweets saying Ferrell “took so many of my ideas” and “was into a lot of bad drug stuff” during their concurrent tenure at SNL. It should be noted that Quinn is famous for attempting to stir up drama on his Twitter account by using provocative and sarcastic thoughts.

It appears that anyone was fair game in his facetious rant. He went on to tweet that while he was at SNL, Lorne Michaels “was really kind of messed up” leaving Quinn to be “the shot caller,” which should have been the obvious tip-off that Quinn was just joking.
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After retweeting some of his understandably ruffled followers tweets, Quinn offered an almost apology: “Feel bad about the Will Ferrell comments. I'll never mention him again if he pays me my residuals for the WHOLE ANCHORMAN CONCEPT!"

The Huffington Post
reported on Quinn’s questionable Twitter activity, and the article even gained a retweet from Quinn. When HuffingtonPost updated the article to reflect the retweet, they wrote how that” mostly likely proves that he's joking.”

Ultimately, Quinn felt it necessary to make himself clear. He tweeted that “To all media etc.. Will Ferrell was not on drugs at snl! I never even saw him smoke a joint! Is this what it's come to???”