Colin Farrell must be feeling pretty proud of his upcoming hoped-for summer blockbuster, Total Recall, a remake of the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger 1990 classic.

The film will have its European premiere in Dublin on August 14, at Colin’s insistence, and his sexy co-stars Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale will be by his side.

"Colin wanted the European premiere for Total Recall to be in Dublin and is delighted that Irish film fans will get to see it first," a source told the Sunday World.

"He's really looking forward to getting home and showing his co-stars around the city.”

The film opens here on August 3, and no doubt it will be a fairly tense time for Farrell.  His last big attempt at summer blockbuster glory was Miami Vice a few years back with Jamie Foxx, but that one landed like a thud both critically and commercially. (The erratic shoot also promoted Colin to check himself into rehab, so something positive did come from it.)

The film’s budget is hovering around $200 million, so you can be sure Colin and the rest of the cast will be in full promotion mode.  There are lots of advance clips on the Internet, and he’s looking pretty good – though Arnie’s shoes are pretty big ones to fill.

Next May will also mark a milestone for Colin as he’s down to voice his first animated feature.  The all-star cast for the 3D adventure Epic will also feature the likes of Beyonce, Steven Tyler, Amanda Seyfried and Farrell’s friend from Horrible Bosses, Jason Sudeikis.

Epic, to be produced by Twentieth Century Fox Animation, tells the story of a battle deep in the forest between the forces of good and evil, with a teenaged girl thrown in who must save the world. Beyonce voices a character named Queen Tara; Colin will narrate the part of Ronin.

The film is due for release in May, and is being produced by Twentieth Century Fox Animation.


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